Roberta Peabody is stationed in Japan with TEAM.  (Http://www.team.org).  Team describes Japan as  “a culturally and technologically advanced nation that appears to be upwardly evolving, but remains a land of spiritual darkness”.   Roberta’s focus is Christian Returnees and Diaspora, those who were “stationed” in the US, usually with their families, for a period of time and became Christians.  Less than 1% of the population of Japan is considered Christians, with few Christian Churches and minimal support available.   It is difficult for new Christians when they return home to Japan to continue growing in their faith.  Roberta helps to integrate them into churches and Christian groups in Japan when they return home.
Roberta is currently home on furlough through June 2016, living in Westminster near her mother who recently turned 90. Continue to pray for Roberta as she visits supporting churches to try to increase her support level.  Japan is an expensive place to live.